XAPO FAUCETS LIST utilize’s an email address to instantly send Bitcoins and deposit your earnings into your Xapo Bitcoin wallet. By using a Xapo Bitcoin address on this Xapo faucet list you ensure instant Satoshi from the Xapo faucets on every claim! We recommend using a different bitcoin address for Microwallet, Faucetbox, and ePay faucets to properly track your earnings on each platform.Remember to confirm your account with your phone!


Legend:   Blue = Normal   Yellow =Changed Status or Popup   Red = Dry or Warning  Green = New

Bitcoin FaucetInfoRewardClaim IntervalVisit Faucet
Freebitco Sunday Cashout Direct 500+ btc payout based on price60 minutes Visit Faucet
SatoshiNinjaXapo Faucet50-80060 minutes Visit Faucet
StarsCoinXapo Faucet100-100060 minutes Visit Faucet
FauceTTXapo Faucet100-40030 minutes Visit Faucet
PHBitcoinXapo Faucet50-300060 minutes Visit Faucet
BitmasterXapo Faucet50-10,00015 minutes Visit Faucet
TaurusFaucetXapo Faucet100-1,00030 minutesVisit Faucet
AriesFaucetXapo Faucet100-1,00030 minutesVisit Faucet
XapComXapo Faucet50-1,00020 minutesVisit Faucet
ConvertirtodoXapo Faucet100-1,00010 minutesVisit Faucet
FreeBitsDaily Xapo Faucet200-5,00020 minutes Visit Faucet
BitcoinRaccoon Xapo Faucets 300-100060 minutes Visit Faucet
Alt-Inv Xapo Faucets 41 minutes Visit Faucet
Yannik Xapo Faucets 100060 minutes Visit Faucet
Coffee FaucetXapo Faucet100-2,00030 minVisitFaucet
BigCoinXapo Faucet100-2,00060 min Visit Faucet
BTCSourceXapo Faucet200-1,00060 min Visit Faucet
Digi-EyeXapo Faucet100-60015 min Visit Faucet
Xapo-BitsXapo Faucet100-100060 min Visit Faucet
iLoveBTCXapo Faucet25-30015 min Visit Faucet
SatoshiXapo Faucet10015 min Visit Faucet
BitcoinmaniaXapo Faucet50-1,00015 min Visit Faucet
AnimalXapo Faucet25-30060 minsVisit Faucet
BankCoinXapo Faucet25-30015 minsVisit Faucet
MovilbitsXapo Faucet100-50010 mins Visit Faucet
Scratch4SatXapo Faucet200-10,00060 mins Visit Faucet
AfreeXapo Faucet200-1,00015 mins Visit Faucet
GanaBitXapo Faucet500+15 mins Visit Faucet
PandaBitcoinXapo Faucet100-1,00060 minsVisit Faucet
FacilbitsXapo Faucet100-100015 mins Visit Faucet
lootoolXapo Faucet72460 mins Visit Faucet
VidybitXapo video Faucet100-5001 min Visit Faucet
FieldbitcoinsXapo Faucets unlimited5 mins Visit Faucet
Moon BitcoinXapo Faucetsunlimited5 mins Visit Faucet
GrifoXapo Faucets 100-30065 mins Visit Faucet
WBITXapo Faucets 50060 mins Visit Faucet
GentleManXapo Faucet100-1,00030 mins Visit Faucet
CRYPTOCOINXapo Faucet200-1,00060 mins Visit Faucet
DIMENSIONAL BTCXapo Faucets 1,000-10,000120 mins Visit Faucet
BitcoinZebraXapo Faucets 1,000-3,000 60 mins Visit Faucet
GoldcoinjarXapo Faucets 40-2001 min Visit Faucet
AliensBitcoinXapo Faucets 1,00060 mins Visit Faucet
Sun FaucetXapo Faucets 100-20,0005 minutes Visit Faucet
KenoXapo Game 300-2,00030 mins Visit Faucet
Jupiter FaucetXapo Faucet 100-20,0005 minutes Visit Faucet
OnoxvoXapo Faucets 100-1,00045 mins Visit Faucet
CryptocoinXapo Faucets 200-1,00060 mins Visit Faucet
WhalebitcoXapo Faucets 300-1,00060 mins Visit Faucet
InstantBitcoinXapo Faucets 250-5,000+Lotto15 mins Visit Faucet
XapoBTCXapo Faucets 200-5,00030 mins Visit Faucet
StoresxBoxXapo Faucets 400-60030 mins Visit Faucet
SatoshiTreeXapo Faucet 50-50010 minutes Visit Faucet
WheeleofFortuneXapo Game5-40ALL-DAY Visit Faucet
BitcoinkerXapo/Faucetbox300-80015 mins Visit Faucet
SatoshiMonstersXapo Faucet100-1,00060 minutes Visit Faucet
CoinBrawl.Xapo Game50-50,000VariesVisit Faucet
Viral-AlertXapo Faucet50060 minutesVisit Faucet
Faucet.Today Xapo Faucet100-1,00060 minutes Visit Faucet
JahisMightyXapo Faucet100-1,00060 minutes Visit Faucet
AceOfSatoshiXapo Faucet10-50all day Visit Faucet
SatoshiFlipXapo Faucet40all day Visit Faucet
SambafXapo Faucet10all day Visit Faucet

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xapo faucets

Faucet NameMin PayoutAverage PayoutTime (Minutes)High Safety Limits?Is Faucet Dry?
Box Faucet5501022.51440Yes
Master BTC150015001440No
Faucet-Free Bitcoin101610161440No
MX5 BTC10001000900Reasonable
Black Faucet8008001440Yes
Fall Bitcoin70070030No
Predimania Bits115136.4720No
Faucet Worlds600603360Reasonable
BTC Claim6006001440No
Bitcoin 77600600500No
Kings Faucet500500640Yes
My Satoshi600600-2000720YesYes
Faucet 21500635.7360No
Witch Faucet6661572666No
Bitcoin For You15001500500No
Giant Bitcoin500675360Reasonable
Bit Free300350.890No
Blue Faucet500720600Yes
Bit Blabber500500720Yes
Get Your Bitcoin15005425300No
XYZ Bit300580300Yes
Bitcoin Now5005001440Yes
BTC Renda Extra100010001440Yes
Faucet Party500500-500010Yes


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    • goldkey0070 says:

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    • goldkey0070 says:

      I added but please fix the copy and paste feature…users paste their BTC address for speed

  11. jjavmk says:

    please add my faucet 1060 Satoshi pay every 360 minutes and 10% per referral


    • goldkey0070 says:

      I don’t usually add the whole Anti-Bot system unless it is more visible and a at the end of the code so people don’t accidental click the add inless its 1500 sat or above but i added anyway hoping you will change by the end of the week..i will check it later. It has been added on good faith you will fix the issue.

  12. add my site pls !


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  13. Damien says:

    Bitcoinker are paying again thru xapo.
    I’ve had no problems claiming for the past 6 or so hours.

    • goldkey0070 says:

      I checked Bitcoinker and it doesn’t seem to be working for me…What country are you from?

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      I have increased satoshi and referral commission from 10% to 20% so you will get your commission every time the claim is more than 100 now.

  65. Tommas says:

    Ohhh this.. 3000 satoshis!!!!

    200 (40%), 500 (30%), 1000 (25%), 3000 (5%) satoshi every 20 minutes.


  66. shelly says:

    Faucetme has popup with fake warning, wants you to call a number.

    • laurie says:

      Thanks, it is in yellow a lot of faucets are going to popups due to Adsense not paying them so they are moving to stupid ideas to make money

  67. shelly says:

    FreeSatoshi keeps saying Invalid AntiBot verification!

  68. shelly says:

    WBIT – lots of popups

  69. shelly says:

    UBIT – lots of popups

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